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Thank you to our army of volunteers and sponsors!

We could not host The Reading Games without the help and support of so many in our community!  Thank you for volunteering your time and talents!

Question Writers

Amy Hancock

Andrea Zanzola

Becky Bettinger

Beth Nelson

Debbie Dobrez

Debra Krygeris

Heidi Carlson

Jay Venzon

Joan Mommsen

Karyn Kanthack

Katie Hurckes

Katie Richert

Katie Thomas

Kayla Carlson

Kim Dillon

Kim Venzon

Leslie Hesterman

Maggie Calder

Michelle Hansen

Sarah Abadin

Stacy Klepper

Sponsors / Donors / Supporters

Thank you to the Education Foundation of Downers Grove District 58 for their sponsorship


The following area businesses also donated prizes for our winners - please take a moment to thank them the next time you visit!


  • Wells Street Popcorn

  • McDonald’s

  • Oberweis

Special thanks to the following:

  • the District 58 teachers, administrators and staff for their ongoing support of the Games, particularly

    • Dr. Kevin Russell

    • Dr. James Eichmiller

    • Matthew Durbala and O’Neill school for providing space for the games

    • Megan Hewitt

    • Faith Behr

  • the moderators, scorekeepers and other volunteers for contributing their time to make this day possible

  • all Reading Games team leads, chaperones, and parent volunteers for their hard work supporting our young readers

Reading Games Committee

Shannon Cleary

Margaret Geise

Amy Hancock

Deanna Horner

Tia Nash

Jill Schwartzers

Katie Suva

Jessie Warmbir

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