The Reading Games will NOT be held

Saturday, March 6, 2021.

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We have regrettably come to the conclusion not to conduct the Games as scheduled.


We do not think it is realistic to bank on being able to have an "in-person" Games then, and while we considered trying to do something either virtual or in an alternate format, we think (a) the logistics of either alternative are just too complicated given both the volunteer staffing and tech resources we have available and (b) trying to do something in a different format -- for example, answering questions "on paper" as a group and submitting them for scoring -- too closely resembles "regular school" and as such isn't consistent with the feel and spirit of the Games we've worked hard to develop.


The Reading Lists developed for the 2021 Games will be kept and used again, with perhaps minor modifications, whenever the next Games are held. 


Keep reading and bringing your team together for friendship, fun, and maybe a mock competition or two!  We would love to see pictures!  Post them on our Facebook page or send them to


If you would like to help plan and organize the Games, we are actively seeking volunteers for the Council Committee.  Our current team has already or soon will "age out" of District 58.  We would love to be able to work with new leaders to make sure the Reading Games tradition lives on. 


"Let The Books Be In Your Favor!"

Co-Chairs Jay Venzon & Sue Helsdon

with Committee Member Kim Venzon

The purpose of the Reading Games is to:

*encourage reading for District 58 kids in Grades 3- 8. 

*expose kids to different genres, series, authors, and topics.

*foster teamwork and responsibility in teams of 5 - 8 kids led by a parent or other volunteer community member.  


All this occurs in preparation for a fun competitive day of book trivia with other District 58 students.

Please see About the Reading Games for more information.

Please see List One or List Two for the reading lists.

We are currently looking for adults to help us write the questions!  Click here to help.