What are the Reading Games?

The goal of The Games is to introduce new genres of books to our kids. The Games provides an opportunity to increase the quantity and quality of books that our children read. In addition, The Games facilitates friends coming together to discuss books while working as a team. 


The “WIN” is getting our children to read more and to enjoy reading.

The Reading Games is a friendly tournament that will take place the morning of February 22, 2020 at O'Neil Middle School. Each team will participate in three rounds, competing against another team. Questions are trivia style about the assigned books.

Who can participate in the Reading Games?

The Games are open to all District 58 children in grades 3rd – 8th. Students should form their own team with a minimum of five children and a maximum of eight children. Teams can be co-ed, all boys or all girls. While we will try to place individual students on a team, its best to pre-form your own group.


Each team will need an adult team leader to register the team for the event, act as a point person for all communications and help their team prepare for The Games competition day.

What books will the students read?

Each team will read 12 books selected by current and former children's librarians, the staff of District 58 and the librarians at the Downers Grove Public Library. Teams can choose from List 1 or List 2.

List 1 is geared for readers in 3rd - 5th grade. 

List 2 is geared for readers in 5th - 8th grade.