Level One Questions

Q. In the book, The One and Only Ivan, what kind of gorilla is Ivan?
 A. Silverback OR Grayboss
Q. In the book, The 100-Year-Old Secret, who is the great-great-great-grandfather of Xena and Xander?
A. Sherlock Holmes
Q. In the book, Who Was Ben Franklin, Ben used a Lyden jar during the storm. Why did he use a Lyden jar?
A. To catch electricity

Level Two Questions

Q. In the book, Rain, Reign, what is the name of Rose's dog?
 A. Rain
Q. In the book, The Tarantula Scientist, Sam Marshall is searching for tarantulas in what country?
A. French Guiana
Q. In the book, Fish in a Tree, what kind of card does Ally give her teacher for her baby shower?
A. A sympathy card

Questions will be literal. If a moderator believes the team's answer is close, the moderator might choose to ask the team to be more specific

For example:  
Q. In the book, Charlotte’s Web, who did Fern sell Wilbur to when her father said he couldn’t stay at their farm?  
A. Her uncle/ Mr. Zuckerman. Teams may be given a chance to provide more specific answers. In this example, if a team were to answer ‘a farmer’ - which is close - the moderator may choose to ask for clarification.
Moderators have been instructed to "err" on the side of teams being correct.  If a team answers "gerbil" but the official answer is "hamster", the moderator can use their judgment and deem the answer correct.
*At no time should the team lead nor team chaperone interject themselves into the trivia rounds to ask for clarification, dispute a question or answer. If a team lead or team chaperone does interject themselves into the trivia round, its grounds for team disqualification.