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Questions will be literal and the answers will be taken directly from the text.

Although page numbers are given on the Moderator's script, team members are not expected to know those page numbers.  
All rounds follow the same format.


Sample text from moderator's script:

ANNOUNCE:  “We are going to start with a couple practice questions so you can get used to answering properly.  These questions are for practice only and will not count toward your score.”


Practice Question for Team A - no points

Question PA:  In the book Warren the 18th & The All Seeing Eye, what business does Warren's family run?

Answer PA:  Hotel

Practice Question for Team B - no points

Question PB:  In the book Word of Mouse, what color is Isaiah's fur?

Answer PB:  Blue

ANNOUNCE:  “Great job!  We will now begin the Round -- Questions!”

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