Team & Individual


The goal of The Reading Games is to have lots of kids

read lots of books – Game ON!

There are 3 stages of registration – please read carefully below. These include a few changes from prior years.

Stage 1: Team Reservations. A team manager must reserve a spot for his/her team during our reservation window, September 22 - October 15. Only 1 reservation per team is required. Team leads will receive confirmation of the team reservation. Each team will receive a team number. Team leaders should keep this number and include in all correspondence to help us track teams.

Key information needed includes:

  • Adult team lead

  • Current number of students on the team

  • School and grade for the majority on the team

  • Reading list (1 or 2)

  • Indication of whether you are willing to accept individuals who wish to participate but are not yet on a team

Stage 2: Individual Reservations. We would like to assist individual students who are not on a team to find a place on an existing team, or to be part of a newly formed team. Individual reservations are only needed for students who have not already been placed on a team. Parents may reserve a spot for his/her child during the individual reservation window. Individual reservations will be taken October 1 - October 20.  

Key information needed includes:

  • Child name, gender and grade

  • Reading list (1 or 2)

  • Indication of whether you are willing to act as a team lead for a newly formed team

Stage 3: Final Team Registration.

All teams must confirm their participation in the 2020 Reading Games in January. The registration dates will be posted and sent to all team leaders. At this time, teams will confirm adult team leaders and chosen reading list, school and grade for teammates (we do not need names). We will also be asking for names of volunteers.