Before the day of the games volunteeers are needed to plan, organize, and create!

The return of the Reading Games in March of 2022 depends on having a couple people step up to invest time to learn how to plan, organize, and run the reading games.  Hands on training will be provided by sitting on the committee this year and then taking over as Co-Chairs for 2023.  Reach out to us at to learn more and join the team.

We need adults to write the questions!  Start now to have the summer to work toward a deadline of January 29, 2022.  Click here to join the writing group.

Thank you!
Jay and Kim Venzon, PTA Council Reading Games Committee

Please note, due to space constraints, there are no spectators allowed at The Games. If you wish to attend The Reading Games, you can do so by volunteering in one of the three positions listed here or becoming part of the Reading Games Committee.

Each team needs the help of three adults to assist on the day of The Reading Games

1.  An adult Team Leader.  The Team Leader will be responsible for registering the team and is also the sole “point person” who will receive all communications from The Reading Games Committee for that team.  The Team Leader is responsible for disseminating that information to all team members and their parents. The Team Leader should also help the team organize a way to meet and collaborate regularly, share/save book notes, and prepare for the competition.  The Team Leader will need to be present with their team on the day of the competition.

2.  An additional adult Team Chaperone for the day of the tournament.  The Team Leader and additional Team Chaperone must stay with the team at all times during the competition.


3.  A Team Volunteer (who must be a high-school aged child or adult) for the day of the tournament.  The Team Volunteer will be assigned a role at The Reading Games tournament such as a scorekeeper or moderator so must be someone other than the Team Leader or Team Chaperone. Please note that the Team Volunteer will not be with his/her team the day of The Reading Games competition but will be onsite the day of the competition.